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EverGreen started in the 1990s with one man, two trucks, and seven trailers on the outskirts of Liberty, Mississippi. Our founder, John McCabe, understood the power and necessity of the transportation industry, and he sought to create a company that empowered the heart of it: the driver. Today, John’s son, Patrick, has adopted his father’s mission and expanded his business into one of the nation’s most reputable and respected trucking companies.
What has made the company successful? Our people. We’ve been working on that in the last number of years. We want high caliber people in this organization. I figured out that I couldn’t do it all. We’ve had a lot of success bringing good talent here.
– Patrick McCabe, Owner & CEO
EverGreen began as a small family business, and we carry our family mentality into all of our internal and external operations. We treat our team like family. We treat our drivers like family. We treat our clients like family. When it comes to trucking, we understand the challenges of life on the road, and we seek to be a home for the drivers that keep the country moving. Over the past thirty years, we modified how we do business, but we’ll never change what drives us: our people.


Patrick McCabe
Owner and CEO
Andrew Foster
Director of Fleet Maintenance
Jillian Smith
Purchasing Manager
Scott Nieman
Jarred Kleptz
Director of Sales
Jamie Causey
Recruiting and Human Resources
Stephen Williams
Operations Manager
James Floyd
Customer Service Representative
Matthew Miller
Safety Director
Stephen Lusk
Talent Recruiter
Shelia Hampton
Customer Service Representative
Tara Reed
Business Process Manager


SDI has been partnered with Evergreen since our start up in 2007. They are a local, safe, dependable carrier partner to us. They have awesome people, great equipment and are such a good fit for our needs as a steel shipper in the Southeast..
– Steel Dynamics, EverGreen Customer